Crush scarves are made by hand in England.

Hand cut one at a time, sewn individually and designed to last a lifetime.

These scarves can be worn through all seasons with so many styling options making them incredibly versatile.

Wether your living in the heat of an LA summer and just want a lightweight scarf to stylishly drape over you, or your freezing in a New York Winter needing a scarf that will keep you warm without bulk that you can wrap and style in a multitude of ways, depending on where you are going and what your doing. These scarves will not let you down. Lightweight natural cottons means no itchy fibres. Beautiful timeless prints mean they will look just as fresh in 10 years time. Carefully made one at a time so each one is just a little different from the next and is made to last.

Quality and style in one little accessory.

BOWORTHY  scarf and GLORIA scarf are both are long enough to be wrapped around the neck at least once and come in a selection of prints and plain fabrics.

For when you want something with loads of styling choices Boworthy is the one to reach for. Long enough to be wrapped around and around and around when you need extra warmth. You can also wrap just once around with enough length left to tie a generous floppy bow. Style the bow up high or down low for completely different looks or leave untied, long and loose for a cool boho look with dresses, suits and anything really!

Gloria is your classic go to scarf, and is a little shorter and wider than Boworthy. You can wrap this one once with enough length left to hang beautifully to mid chest, very casual and all season friendly. Or wrap twice and simply tie the ends together neckerchief style.

So versatile and classic Gloria looks fantastic worn with both open necks and high polo necks.


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