There are 3 collar styles, Round, Flat and Shirt.

All the collars are individually hand cut, sewn and finished.

They come in a beautiful range of colours and prints. Designed to add style to your existing wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. An instant fashion update changing the shape of your neckline in a moment and transforming your outfit with one little accessory.

There are many different variations to choose from. City smart pinstripes made in the best quality shirting cotton. Colourful brights in jade, pink, oranges and blues. Cool greys in patterns and plains to go with whatever your wearing. And classic black and off white that will last you for years.

All can be customised with cloud tags attached to the end of the cord ties. They come in a range of colours. Take a look at the full colour range in the shop.

You can customise further by changing the colour of the cord ties. Love the Teal blue collar? Add faded red ties instead of blue to make it a little grungy or crisp white ones to sharpen it up. The choice is yours, lots of different looks to make your collar individual to you.


Let us show you some ways to wear your collar crush

The round collars are a sweet classic.

All hand made in a beautiful range of coloured and printed cottons. They fasten with fine cord ties. They are soft and beautifully easy to wear. Sweetening a plain T shirt for an instant makeover.

With so many prints and colours to choose from there is no end to the changes you can make to your wardrobe.

Wear as you would a necklace

Sweeten a plain T shirt for an instant makeover with a pretty round collar.   This dark teal round collar has been customised with faded red ties and looks great worn with jeans and a simple T shirt. Perfect for the lazy dresser, minimum effort, maximum effect, an instant fresh look.

A round blue collar worn with jeans and vest top in much the same way you would a necklace.

Refresh the neckline of any tops.

Add some detail to that plain dress you love without ruining its understated look. Adding a collar to a dress is a great way to feel like you have a brand new one but at a fraction of the cost. Good dresses are hard to find so when you get one your like you want to make the most of it!

Got a favourite plain jumper?

Add a collar to transform it. By adding a collar you are creating a different top for yourself. A plain white or cream collar gives an instant classic look. Try bright print for more impact. Whatever you choose you have a completely different look. Our model has a dark blue jumper on with a black and white sketch print round collar which looks stunning. Its a little retro but also very contemporary.

Add some coloured swing tags for a contrasted look or classic black and white to go with anything.

A collar can take what your wearing from day to eve, just pop it in your purse and you have a fresh look for seeing friends for a drink after work.

The Shirt collar sharpens up a simple top or jumper for when you need to look smart for work but don’t always want to wear a shirt or suit.

Super soft but gently tailored this collar adds just the right amount of City smart to any outfit.  The shape is entirely complementary and feminine. so soft to wear it ties with long spaghetti straps made from matching fabric but can be customised with your choice of coloured cord tie instead.

Add a twist to your vest top or T shirt with a shirt collar. Add a slouchy cardigan when you get chilly for an easy relaxed look.

A plain dress gets a makeover with this black and white squiggle print shirt collar sharpening up its neckline.

The Flat collar, easy and casual to wear but looks really different. Its a little sharper than the round collar and more relaxed than the shirt.

Just like the round collar you can wear this either way round with the ties at the front or back. Don’t forget to add tags or contrasting ties if you want a little more detail.

Easy styling on a T shirt and jeans.


A flat collar with a halter neck or tube top looks great for summer.


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