Give something lovely – Get something lovely – Earrings for charity.


So happy to be bringing you these glitter and patent drop earrings which I’m selling to raise money for 2 charities, Mind and Refuge. I have been looking for a product for a while that could work as a fund raiser and these are the perfect things. They are also a perfect match for the belts too, because they are a bi product of the buckles!

What better way to raise money for charity by making something beautiful from something that would normally be discarded. Far too pretty to be thrown away they have a modern, clean shape with material so tactile and pretty. As well as being gorgeous earrings, they look fantastic on and are a great way to raise money for charity all at the same time. Spread the word and lets raise money together through these little accessories.

To buy you can find them with the cloud belts in the shop.

Thank you


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